Keep Your Independence With An Elderly Monitoring Alert System 

As we grow older we begin to realize the meaning of independence. Having the ability to live alone or with your spouse and not have your time and activities monitored by family members or caregivers. Independence means making your own decisions, going places without alerting a list of people where you are going and when you will be home. Independence means being in charge of your well-being and activities.

In line with growing older comes the awareness of less flexibility, agility, and balance, along with other medical conditions that limit our activities and confidence in venturing too far from our residence. Registering for a senior medical alert is the first step to maintaining independence.

The ability to hold on to our independence depends on your contact with the world outside your home, and to maintain your outside activities. Registering for a monitored medical alarm is the beginning of maintaining independence.

A Monitored Medical Alarm System Provides the Elderly Person With:

  • A team of trained personnel who monitor your alert monitoring system 24/7
  • A team who has your emergency health information to immediately provide a response team of your precise medical needs and the type of emergency
  • The ability to immediately dispense a team of emergency personnel to your location to assist you.
  • Notify anyone on your emergency contact list of your incident
  • Remotely stay with you until help has arrived.

What Medical Alert Device meets your needs?

  • An alert device you wear 24/7 that allows you to press a button in case of emergency or a sudden fall?
  • A system that allows you to check in each morning and each evening, and wear a notification button or bracelet?
  • A service that will contact you each morning and evening to ensure you are fine, with check-in periods throughout the day. Also including a button or bracelet for emergencies?
  • All of the above with an unlimited tracking field with built-in GPS notification

No matter your need, there are professional services available to fill all your needs. You want to check with 3-5 monitoring services to evaluate the programs available and costs. 

Checking Out Available Elderly Medical Alarms Besure to Ask:

  • Setup Fees
  • Contract Period - Length of contract
  • Monthly Contract or montioring fee
  • Replacement Cost for broken or lost system monitoring equipment/bracelets, buttons, etc.
  • Shipping and Delivery charges
  • Limited number of emergency alerts, if any.
  • Trial period, if allowed
  • Total Monthly Cost - Including any additional equipment rental fees

A few of the elderly alarm systems recommended include:

  • Life Station
  • Bay Alarm Medical
  • Life Alert
  • Philips Lifeline
  • ADT Medical Alert
  • Alert 1
  • Connect America
  • Medical Guardian
  • LifeFone
  • Great Call Lively
  • CVS Medical Alert
  • Walgreens Ready Response

Select the right service and equipment for your needs, and protect your life with the most trustworthy. Check with your friends and family for referrals of services and equipment recommended by others. Do your due diligence and take care of your independence for a long time enjoying the life you have earned.