Medical Alarm Prices

Medical Alarm System and its Cost 

Medical alarms device is a system fitted with an alarm system designed to signal in the case of medical hazard that requires an urgent medical attention. Introduced in 1970 in German by Wilhelm Hormann, the home alert include around the neck or wrist, simple push-button device.

How do they function?

The medical alert device is connected to base station system through digital ISDN or analogy connection. In an emergency situation, the user presses the alert button on the personal device. In some cases, the alert goes to the system operator who dispatches an emergency service.

In other cases, the system has no operator. The device is programmed to alert family member, friends, or local emergency responders.

Who Requires the Medical Alarms?

Most of the medical alarm buyers purchase the elderly medical alarms system for an aging parent. Also, the senior medical alert can be purchased for an old person who may be living alone and could require emergency medical help. The danger may be as a result of increased risk for falls due to either poor eyesight or deteriorating health conditions.

Furthermore, individuals’ experiencing symptoms of stroke, heart attack, weakness or seizure can have the device.

Also, the device can be purchased for the nonemergency situation. In this case, a person who does not require ambulance services but does need an aid from someone close can utilize the system.

What the System Offers
The medical alert system comes with different unique features to function for the user’s specific disability. All system must have a daily monitoring service that is 24 hours. The device needs to offer the patient a choice of either a waterproof neck pendant or a wristband.

Some offer a free 911 phone services in cases where the user is out of service range. Also, the system should include a help button either mounted in a strategic place in the case of an emergency, and the user is not wearing the pendant.

Additionally, the device needs to have a backup battery and a base station that can be in contact from anywhere on the user property. Furthermore, the system should offer the patient multiple choices of contacts like emergency services, a relative or even close to friends.

The Medical Alarms Prices

There are devices bought between $280 and $320 with no monthly fee. Four numbers connected to the set, three of which can be of relative, neighbours or friend while the fourth would be to 911 emergency services.

Medical alarm prices depend on providers charges on activation fee, installation fee or monthly fee. The activation fees range from $40 to $80. The shipping and self-installation cost is between $18 to $22 while shipping and professional installation cost from $95 to $105.

Most provider changes monthly service fee of between $24 and $60 depending on extra unique features provided. The monthly costs include the cellular, landline or GPS mobile. Therefore, the consumer needs to see the detailed cost package when shopping for the medical alarm system and before they sign a contract.