About Medical Alarms

The benefits of having a medical alarm 

When people hear about alarms, in most instances, their minds automatically click the alarms that remind them to do something or wake up. Similarly, we have medical alarms that assist to alert people in the medical field. These alarms are essential when it comes to monitoring patients and attending to daily needs and emergencies. When the medical alarm goes off, it means that a patient or elderly is in need of urgent attention. Most of the medical alert devices are usually wireless transmitters that have the ability to be activated when an emergency occurs.

When people grow older and they have health challenges, they need to be well monitored since anything can happen to them when they are left alone. Senior medical alerts are usually provided to the old in order to make sure that as much as they are left alone, they have access to the proper medical assistance they require. Disabled people are also given this alarms.

Below are the types of elderly medical alarms:

Elderly alarms come in different varieties and one can be able to choose which alarm would work best for them during an emergency. Some also choose the alarms depending on gender. Women would prefer something to wear on the neck while men would prefer something on the hand or the pocket. Whichever the case, the most convenient one is the one that should be selected. The main intention of having this device is to be able to access it fast and efficiently. Some of the available types of medical alarms are listed below.

• Wristbands that can be worn at all hours of the day or night. They are particularly useful for the elderly people who are left alone at home as they are easily accessible and convenient to wear.

• Pendants that are worn around the neck. These come in handy like wristbands as they can be conveniently worn all the times.

• Smart Phones: An emergency number or an App can be installed on the smartphone so that in case of an emergency it is easily accessible. This usually works well when the person assigned to the alarm is out and about and an emergency occurs.

• A device that is custom made and worn on the belt. This is mostly used by men as it can easily slide into their daily routine and will not be a burden to carry around.

• Motion and radar detectors can be used to monitor the movement and any unusual activity that may take place when the user has them on.

It is however important that the right medical alert device is selected based on need and preference so that it can provide its intended purpose. The radar and motion detectors, which are passive in nature, are programmed to detect the user's movement and activity so that they can easily go off if something out of the norm takes place. For the phone, wristband, and pendant, the user has to manually activate the alarm in case of an emergency. Both the active and passive elderly medical alarms have been proven to be effective although the passive one comes in handy in a case where the user is unconscious.

Benefits of having a senior medical alert device for you or your loved ones:

• They are monitored 24 hours a day. Whether it is taking medication or an emergency, they are covered. In case of an overdose occurs or a dose has been missed, these alarms will remind you and that way you are assured of security.

• The response to emergencies is fast and efficient. The people who ought to be catering to the needs of the patient or older person will be alerted quickly.

• Additional features that come with these alarms are also very beneficial. They range from detectors of certain things such as carbon monoxide and also conducts regular check-ins to remind the person using them to take their medication. As time goes by, the features become more and more advanced.

• They are also quite affordable if they are compared to the alternatives such as hiring nurses and caregivers. The amount of attention and care you get from the devices is equally as good and efficient for a smaller fraction of the price. For the ones you pay monthly, depending on the complexity, you can be able to access one for as low as $19 a month. For $200, you can be able to make a one-time purchase where you do not need to pay for monthly costs.

• It also gives reliable services and enables one to be independent. The whole family including the one using the device is at peace knowing that they are well taken care of even if they are left alone.

These alarms are provided by some hospitals, private companies whose sole business is providing services to seniors in the comfort of their homes and other independent bodies. An medical elderly alarm consists of a device that the elderly wear, a sensor or transmitter, data, communication signal and a responder. They all work in unison to provide their services. The device is triggered in case of an emergency, it triggers the sensor which then communicates the information using data to the responder who then responds to the emergency.